A Japanese operator of a world-class asset management advisory based on risk management algorithm, WealthNavi reached financing arrangement from GREE ventures, Infinity Venture Partners, SMBC venture capital, Mizuho Capital, Mitsubishi UFJ capital and DBJ capital. WealthNavi will raise funds of about 600 million JPY. Along with this capital increase, CEO of GREE ventures, Mr. Amano took up outside board member of WealthNavi.

With this raised capital, the company aims to hire staff for new services that will be launched in 2016, strengthen its management foundation, work on related regulatory procedures and develop next-generation financial infrastructure as a pioneer of FinTech startups.

Currently, the company provides the asset management simulation for free at http://www.wealthnavi.com/. It will plan to diversify the service such as allowing users to trade via smartphones and tablets.

(Source: WealthNavi (PR TIMES))