SMBC NIKKO SECURITIES announced that the company received “2015 CRM Best Practice Award” selected by CRM Association Japan. The company wins this award for 8 consecutive years. Along with the award, CRM Association Japan gave the company a special prize to admire its continuing efforts and achievement.

CRM Association Japan was established to promote and enhance customer-centric relationship management in Japan. The association interacts with CRM-related organizations in other regions such as U.S., Europe and China to collect the latest information and data.

Since 2004, CRM Association Japan has commended the companies who distinguish themselves in the field of CRM activity by evaluating what they have done every year. Each selected firms and companies make a presentation and explain what they have done at the annual convention. This year, 15 companies were selected as CRM Best Practice Award.

SMBC NIKKO SECURITIES explained that the association highly valued the company’s framework to develop and maintain relationship with its future customers under the new slogan of “Share The Future”. The framework includes expanding seminars and online services for people who are ready to build up their asset, carrying out channel mix strategy using website and email, and setting up customer advisors to get closer to the customers. The combination of its existing framework and the new one allow the company to support customers’ lifetime asset building.


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