Tokyo Commodity Exchange today announced outstanding record that the number of open interest for Dubai Crude Oil futures hit a new high for three consecutive days.

Since the launch on September 10, 2001, TOCOM Dubai Crude Oil open interest reached 92,283 contracts on August 8, 2016, surpassing the 90,000 contracts for the first time. On the next day, the contract exceeded 110,000 and reached 112,288 contracts. Open interest for all products at TOCOM was 450,380 contracts on the day. It’s been 8 years to hit the 450,000 level since the previous record of 456,630 contracts on July 17, 2008.

And today, the open interest for Dubai Crude Oil futures again set another new record of 135,553 contracts.

TOCOM Dubai Crude Oil Futures Open Interest (Sep.2001-Aug.2016)

(Source: Tokyo Commodity Exchange )

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