Japan Exchange Group (JPX) which was established by the business merger between Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) reported quarterly financial result for the first quarter of financial year ending March 2017 (April 2016-June 2016). The figures are base on IFRS.

Operating revenue was 26,721 million JPY, decreased by 3.9% from the same quarter of the last fiscal year. The quarterly profit before income taxes was 14,579 million JPY, dropped by 14%. The quarterly profit attributable to owners of the company was also down to 9,583 million JPY (-11%).

Trading related revenue consists of trading commission, basic trading member fee, access fee corresponding to the number of contracts, and trading system facility charges. The total trading related revenue for the first quarter was 11,671 million JPY, decreased by 9.6% from the same period of the last year, of which 9,338 million JPY was generated by trading commission, down by 12.6% from the last year.

(Source: Japan Exchange Group )

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