FISCO, a provider of investment support services covering equity, foreign exchange, bond and commodity markets, announced that the company has started to develop AI stock price auto-forecasting system by partnering with its subsidiary, SJI. As FISCO has provided stock price auto-forecasting system, “LaQoo+”, and investigated algorithm trading, the company made the decision to create the cutting-edge system with enhanced AI technology.

The companies aim to develop the automatic learning stock price forecasting model responding to changing markets which will befit the new era. SJI is a system company focusing on FinTech area with a wealth of know-how of developing financial systems for over 40 years.

Traditionally, researching stock price often requires steady work by analysts and automated price forecasting systems have poor flexibility due to a single algorithm. To breakthrough this issue, the two companies will jointly develop the system by dramatically improve quantity and quality of analysis and focusing on more flexible algorithms. They believe the system could create a new synergy: The more improved AI become, the more analysts grow, which also accelerate the growth of AI.

(Source: FISCO )

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