A professional group providing investment support and services, FISCO announced that the group decided to establish FISCO COIN LTD. The new company will operate exchanges for bitcoin and other alterniative cryptocurrencies.

On March 4th, 2016, an amendment including regulation for cryptocurrencies was approved in a Cabinet meeting. If cryptocurrencies are approved as currency, cryptocurrencies will be able to officially be used for settlement and be exchanged for legal currencies. FISCO believes the legislation will be further improving and the cryptocurrency industry will significantly grow in the future.

In this situation, FISCO group decided to set up an operator of bitcoin exchange. FISCO COIN will manage the bitcoin exchange at first and intend sales of its trading system. In addition, the company aims to develop and manage financial derivative instruments and offer B2B services such as bond issue and B2C services such as crowd funding in the future, which all utilize cryptocurrencies. The company will work toward building its position as a hub of cryptocurrencies by providing one-stop-service.

As the group’s company, SJI has been focused on blockchain technology, it will also technologically support FISCO COIN.

(Source: FISCO )

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