Following the prior announcement in February, GMO Click holdings’s FX Prime by GMO announced that it again marks a new record high for its forex trading volume. The monthly forex trading volume in Februay exceeded 14 trillion JPY which was ahead of the previous record of 10 trillion JPY in January. The trading volume in February surged by 130% from the previous month, while the growth rate in the whole Japanese Forex industry was 111%. The broker hit new highs for 2 straight months.

At the end of January, the Bank of Japan introduced negative interest rates, resulting in price soaring of USD/JPY to 121JPY level. However, then crude oil price fell sharply for only 10 business days. Along with this, financial uncertaintly about the future of Europe and the United States were rekindled and caused massive selloff of major banks’ stock such as Deutsche Bank. In Japan Nikkei Stock Average also dropped by about 17%, and this triggered heavy decline in USD/JPY.

Despite the volatile market in February, FX Prime by GMO continues to deliver high execution quality to execute at the requested rate and timing, and reliable trading environment with stable servers which haven’t been down for 8 years. The broker explained that these efforts brought better trading opportunities and environment to its customers.

(Source: FX PRIME by GMO )

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