Daiwa Securities Group and GMO CLICK Holdings announced today that the basic agreement as to consider business collaboration was executed between the group of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and its subsidiary, Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. and the group of GMO CLICK Holdings, Inc. and its consolidated subsidiary, GMO CLICK Securities, Inc, which became the world’s No. 1 Forex broker by trading volume six years after launching the service, and has retained that position for four consecutive years since 2012.

Daiwa Securities Group and GMO CLICK Group formed the memorandum as to consideration of business collaboration on October 10th 2015, and have been exploring the possibility that an alliance would increase corporate value by mutually utilizing management resources and improving customers’ convenience and quality of services.

With holding up “Passion for the Best” 2017, as its Medium-term Management Plan covering 3 years starting in FY2015, Daiwa Securities Group is now working on the establishment of the platform which provides optimal products and comfortable information access in order to be the securities company group chosen by a wide range of customers including the young and the retired.

Both groups have come to this execution of basic agreement as to consideration of business collaboration with respect to sharing and jointly developing video content, sharing web marketing know-how, and starting stock lending.

(Source: GMO CLICK Holdings, Daiwa Securities Group )

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