Yesterday, 34 companies, which have engaged in research and development blockchain technology, have jointly established Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC) to diffuse blockchain technology in Japan, promote research development, accelerate related investment, and collaborate with overseas blockchain bodies. Mr. Yoichiro Hirano, CEO of Infoteria serves as a director.

The 34 founders include GMO Internet, Tech Bureau, bitbank, Microsoft, Money Partners Solution, etc. BCCC explained that blockchain technology has attracted increasing attention as a core technology in Fintech and contributed IT innovation in various industries. Although Japanese blockchain technology development and proving test keep up with other countries, the performance and the technology intelligence are not shared and the technology is applied to very limited areas.

BCCC will contribute to enhancing Japan’s global competitiveness and evolution of blockchain technology by expanding capability of blockchain and suppoting financing for blockchain technology realms. Additionally, BCCC will interact with blockchain-related organizations in the world and provides the information in Japan. The technology and experiences that BCCC develops will be delivered to the world from Japan, an advanced blockchain country.

(Source: Blockchain Collaborative Consortium )

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