Japanese Bank, Hokkaido Bank announced that the bank signed a memorandum of business cooperation with Bank Central Asia, the largest private bank in Indonesia.

Hokkaido Bank is headquartered in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan's second largest and the northernmost island. The bank became a subsidiary of Hokuhoku Financial Group after a business merger with Hokuriku Bank in September 2004. The number of its branches are 141 consisting of 135 branches and 6 sub-branches and the bank also has 3 representative offices overseas.

Bank Central Asia has 1,160 branches in Indonesia as Indonesia’s largest private bank. By this partnership, Hokkaido Bank will be able to provide information about Indonesia economic situation, and support a wide range of businesses in Indonesia such as customers’ business expansion to Indonesia and business matching.

The bank will continue to work on strengthening network in ASEAN and responding to needs from its customers who are considering overseas expansion.

(Source: Hokkaido Bank)