A Japanese fintech venture, Finatext, which developed a community app “Asukabu” for forecasting stock price, announced that the number of daily forecasts on the app exceeded 10,000.

The fintech company explained in the release that this number of “10,000” is the same or more than the ones of daily active traders at leading securities companies. It took less than 1 year for Asukabu to grow to such level and become the largest Japanese stock apps in terms of active users.

In addition, the number of comments on a message board in the app has increased by over 130% a day on average. Thus, along with the user-generated contents, the app gives novice users opportunities to learn various things about stock from other users who are acquainted with stock trading and encourages the novices to start stock trading.

Asukabu aims to attract more users from novices to experts and provide more sophisticated contents on the platform.

Finatext has also working on a forex community app "Karu FX" partnering with YJFX, Yahoo Japan' Group's forex and binary option broker.

(Source: Finatext via PR TIMES)

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