Japanese IT solution innovator, Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID) has invested promising FinTech start-ups to invigorate Japanese financial service industry and expand the realm of financial solution business as the IT company partnered with US-based Capy Inc. this month.

As the second project, the company announced on December 25 that it acquired the equity in Liquid through its allocation of new shares to a third party. Liquid is a Tokyo-based technology company which focuses on biometric authentication service. The company developed its own authentication algorithm to shorten the processing time of biometric authentication which used to be one of the concerns and robust structure to maintain the processing speed regardless of the number of registered users.

ISID has focused on a trend of FinTech in Europe and the United States and Japanese Financial start-ups and contributed to the creation and expansion of financial innovation in Japan. In 2012, the company held a Japan’s first FinTech pitch contest, “Financial Innovation Business Conference (FIBC)” where Liquid made a pitch.

Liquid’s technology is expected to be applied to various fields such as finance, medical, and government. Particularly, in financial industry, its technology could improve convenience for users by providing payment via only biometric authentication. ISID highly evaluates future potential to expand the utilization of these technologies and decided to invest to the company. ISID also plans to promote the technologies in emerging countries mainly ASEAN.

(Source: Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID))

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