Money Design announced that its online money manegament service “THEO” has received totally 2,107 applications for only 1 month since its launch on February 16.

As more various FinTech services have emerged this year, FinTech has attracted attention as a new financial trend. THEO is Japan’s first discretionary investment service by robot advisor for individuals using smartphone. The service allows them to start investment from 100,000 JPY via smartphone. By answering 9 simple questions, the company’s proprietary robo-advisor’s algorithm selects optimum combination from about 6,000 ETFs in 2 minutes and provides discretionary investment management.

To satisfy investors’ needs to hedge their risk, THEO makes diversification investment proposals consisting of growth portfolio, inflation hedge portfolio, and income portfolio. This enables to provide portfolios which meet a wide range of customers’ needs.

According to the infographic Money Design disclosed in the announcement, 84% of the users are novice investors. Users under the age of 30 account for 56% and users with asset less than 5 million JPY account for 49%. These demographic show young people who generally hesitate to do investment manegement have a major interest in THEO and are the main users of it. The company believes that investment management will spread to wider users by implementing robo-advisors and internet technology.

(Source: Money Design )

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