JFSA-logoJapan Financial Services Agency ( JFSA ) updated the list of unregistered operators who received a warning notification issued by the authority. The number of unregistered operators on the list now totals 651, consisting of 461 Japanese operators since April, 2010 and 190 overseas operators since January, 2011. Following operators were recently added since our previous report.

Overseas Operators

  • LFG Investment Ltd ( Hong Kong )
  • Amber Chance Marketing Limited ( Marshall Island )
  • ZBinary Options ( United Kingdom )
  • Terapad services LTD ( Belize )
  • Mandala Operations Limited ( Seychelles )

LFG Investment, ZBinary Options, Terapad services and Mandala Operations were added to this list due to soliciting people for OTC derivatives trading over the internet without necessary licenses. Names of services that Amber Chance Marketing who are considered to solicit for investment advisory agreement and Zbinary Options are SUCCESS and Zone Options respectively.

LFG Investment offers the service named “OPTIONRALLY”. The operator has exactly the same service name as Optionrally Financial Services whom the authority has issued a warning notification to in September, 2014.

CEO of Mandala Operations is unknown but the name of their service is BinaryCloud. Another unregistered operator, Green Galaxy International who was added to this list on February last year had the same name of service.

Japanese Operators

  • WorldOptionner Management Office
  • BizOption Management Office
  • 株式会社アドブロ
  • リペアハウス株式会社
  • On binary Administration Office
  • Byne Administration Office

WorldOptionner Management Office (service name: WorldOption), BizOption Management Office (service name: BizOption ), On binary Administration Office (service name: OnBinary ) and Byne Administration Office (service name: Byne ) were confirmed that they conducted to solicit people over the internet to trade OTC derivative products. 株式会社アドブロ offered the service named “Success Trade” and solicited people via internet for Investment advisory agreement. And リペアハウス株式会社 solicited people for funds and private offerings by using promotional materials.

(Source: Financial Services Agency )

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