Japan Exchange Group (JPX) released Trading Overview in April 2016. Japan Exchange Group operates multiple securities exchanges including Tokyo Stock Exchange which operates cash equity market and Osaka Securities Exchange which operates derivatives market. During the month, the total derivatives trading volume was 28,910,331 contracts, which is the second highest on record for April.

Cash Equity Market

  • Total trading value of Stocks was 58.365 trillion JPY with its daily averaged value was 2.918 trillion JPY. The monthly value decreased by 3.8% from the previous month, and -8.6% from the same month last year.
  • Monthly trading value for the TSE 1st Section (domestic common stocks) reached 52.322 trillion JPY, decreased by 5.9% from the previous month and -12.1% from the last year. Its daily averaged value was 2.6161 trillion JPY.
  • In the ETF market, the monthly trading value was 6.2749 trillion JPY, exceeding 6 trillion JPY for the fourth consecutive month. The value grew by 2.3% MoM, and 21% YoY.
  • In the REIT market, trading value stayed strong, and the monthly trading value reached 1.1624 trillion JPY, exceeding 1 trillion JPY for the third consecutive month. It decreased by 8.8% from the previous, but significantly increased by 41.9% when it is compared to the last year.
  • The TSE Mothers Index reached a nine-year high on the back of interest in emerging company markets, and the combined monthly trading value for JASDAQ and Mothers reached 5.5484 trillion JPY, moving toward the highs of July 2014.

Derivative Market

  • In April 2016, total derivatives trading volume was 28,910,331 contracts, the second highest on record for April, and the daily average trading volume reached 1,445,517 contracts (+ 3.4% MoM, + 14.3% YoY).
  • Total derivatives trading value was 164 trillion JPY, and trading value for equity index derivatives reached 89 trillion JPY.
  • Trading volume for the night session was 9,562,729 contracts and the ratio of the night session was 33.1%, exceeding 30% for the twelfth consecutive month.

(Source: Japan Exchange Group)

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