It was announced that The Japan Authority of Digital Assets (JADA) was reorganized into Japan Blockchain Association (JBA) in April 27. Kano Yuzo, CEO of bitFlyer, serves as a main administration officer of the general incorporated association.

Blockchain technology has rapidly and increasingly become importance as an infrastructure technology supporting bitcoin. Blockchain is expected to be the next-generation information and communications technology and have a major impact on various industries including financial services and public services. It’s said that the impact could be comparable to emergence of the Internet. In addition, regulatory laws surrounding cryptocurrrencies in Japan has been streamlined as the Cabinet of Japan officially approved a set of legislation which recognizes virtual currencies as authorized payment instruments.

In response to those changes, companies providing blockchain-related services reorganized The Japan Authority of Digital Assets to Japan Blockchain Association. The association also joins Global Blockchain Forum consisting of blockchain service operators around the world including ADCCA (Australia), ACCESS (Singapore), Chamber of Digital Commerce (US), and United Kingdom Digital Currency Association (UK).

Participant companies/operators

  • bitFlyer
  • Payword Japan (Kraken)
  • Resu Press (conicheck)
  • Orb
  • Gaiax
  • Consensus Base
  • CurrencyPort
  • sibulla
  • Soramitsu
  • Nayuta
  • Microsoft Japan
  • GMO Internet
  • Smart Contract Japan
  • Descartes Search

Supporting members

  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting
  • GMO Payment Gateway
  • Money Partners Group
  • FX Trade Financial
  • SBI Holdings
  • GMO Media
  • JCB
  • Gunosy
  • Thomson Reuters Markets
  • Dai Nippon Printing (planned)

(Source: Japan Blockchain Association )

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