Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) disclosed the result of a research regarding online trading conducted on member companies.

According to the research, 66 companies of 253 surveyed members at the end of March, 2016 provide online trading, this figure increased 5 companies from the previous research taken in September, 2015. 5 companies has been preparing for the launch of online trading and 2 companies are still considering.

Total number of online traing accounts was 22.59 million, increased by 0.93 million from the previous research. The number of funded accounts is 15.33 accounts, which accounted for 67.9% of the total, while the previous ratio was 68%.

Total number of margin trading accounts was 1.27 million, grew by 5% (60000 accounts) from the previous research. Funded accounts of the margin trading accounts accounted for 66.7% (0.85 million accounts), increased by 40000 accounts from the last survey.

Looking at age groups, 40’s accounted for 23.6% (5.31 million accounts), which is the largest share followed by 60’s with 4.53 million accounts (20.1%). As the share of 60’s and 70’s account holders was 41.5%, this shows online trading has been spreading to people over 60.

(Source: Japan Securities Dealers Association )

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