SBI Holdings announced that the cpmpany acquired 25% of shares of First Guardian Equities, one of the premier stockbrokers in Sri Lanka, and signed a memorandum with First Guardian Equities to provide investment products centering on Sri Lanka government bond through SBI Securities.

Sri Lankan economy grew by 7.4% in 2014, and the country has achieved solid economy growth since the end of civil war in 2009. As market cap of listed companies on the only one stock exchange in Sri Lanka, the Colombo Stock Exchange, has grown dramatically, Sri Lankan stock market is expected to further grow.

First Guardian Equities is a licensed trading member of the Colombo Stock Exchange and focuses on a sound synergy between finely honed market research and avant-garde financial consulting in providing customized solutions to address clients imperative financial and investment needs.

Through the collaboration with First Guardian Equities, SBI Securities plans to expand its investment products to meet a variety of needs of individual investors. The group aims to build more partnership with local companies in Asian emerging countries to further expand globally.

(Source: SBI Holdings )

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