CyberAgent Group’s CyberAgent Crowd Funding, Inc. announced that its crowd funding service named “Makuake” has formed a business tie-up with The Johnan Shinkin Bank for supporting regional companies to utilize crowd funding.

Through this business tie-up, they will support local companies in Tokyo and Kanagawa areas to create new business or projects by crowd funding. While small-sized regional companies has faced difficulty to work on new business due to a lack of performance, the both companies believe utilizing “Makuake” will allow them to get followings and conduct marketing and promotion activities raising funds.

For the Bank, the tie-up will also be new mean to support regional companies. The performance of the project will be used for the bank to make lending decision.

The Johnan Shinkin Bank is the second largest Shinkin bank in Japan in terms of the amount of deposit. Makuake has partnered with 11 banks such as Chiba Bank and Juroku Bank, and will continue to strengthen relationship with more regional banks in Japan. The crowd funding service said in the press release that it will actively work on building up an environment where companies and entities can easily to create new products and services.

(Source: Makuake (CyberAgent Crowd Funding) )

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