moneyforward_logoA Japanese Fintech company providing money management platform, Money Forward announced that it formed a business alliance with North Pacific Bank (Hokuyo Bank) which is Hokkaido-based regional bank. The alliance aims to promote debelopment of new services and technologies in FinTech relam.

Specifically, the alliance includes;

1. Under cooperation with accounting firms in Hokkaido, they will hold joint seminars about utilization of online banking and MoneyForward’s product, MF Cloud Accounting, for the bank’s clients.

2. To jointly develop and promote finance scheme (MF Cloud Finance) utilizing data of MF Cloud series such as MF Cloud Accounting, partnering with local accounting firms.

3. To jointly develop and promote Personal Financial Management (PFM) service. Based on MoneyForward’s flagship product and personal money management service, Money Forward, they will develop PFM service with expanded functions and information for the bank’s customers.

4. To consider promotion of utilization of banking API at the bank.

Other than those above, they will look for more collaboration in Fintech realm.

(Source: Money Forward )

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