Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, metaps and WiL LLC. reached a basic agreement on launch of consultation toward business alliance to provide new settlement services utilizing FinTech.

The 4 companies will cooperate to create new FinTech settmelent services by combining Mizuho’s customer base and knowledge of financial services, metaps’ data-analysis technology and knowledge of online settlement and support of Wil which has information network of advanced services and capability of producing business.

Specifically, they aim to provide 4 types of new services;

1. Smartphone-based service which is seamless settlement service optimized for smartphone.
2. Providing the best suited financial service and advice for customers powered by analysis of settlement data, which is also utilized for business expansion of institutional customers.
3. Creating new settlement means with more convenience by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like blockchain enabling customer to pay other than cash or credit card.
4. Expanding the new settlement services into Asian market as they believe that settlement industry will develop in Asian market.

(Source: Mizuho Bank )

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