Dentsu and Information Services International Dentsu (ISID) announced that they will expand and remove The FinTech Center of Tokyo, FINOLAB to a key financial center for leading Japanese corporations, Otemachi. The FINOLAB is Japan’s first FinTech center and operated by Dentsu, Information Services International Dentsu and Mitsubishi Estate.

Along with its relaunch on February 1, 2017, the FINOLAB will revamp the corpotate membership program, and accelerate open innovation toword further development of FinTech ecosystem. The new membership program will have various menu for project member, venture capital/accelerator member etc. It aims to offer Open API and promote establishment of consortium for new business by cross-industrial collaboration.

For the first step, Mizuho Financial Group has decided to set up a lab facility in the FINOLAB, and to be engaged in creation of new financial services by closely working with FinTech startups and participant companies, based on developing environment of OpenBankAPI which Mizuho will provide.

Since FINOLAB was established in February 2016, 35 startups (5 overseas companies) and 3 co-sponsored companies have joined the FINOLAB as of October 17, 2016.

The FinTech Center of Tokyo, FINOLAB

(Source: Information Services International Dentsu )

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