mizuho-bank-logoMizuho Financial Group and Mizuho Bank will hold an event named “Mizuho.hack” which is a hackathon with an aim of creating new value through open innovation. Its theme is creation of fully new banking service with Pepper, the humanoid robot.

As recent years various industries and realms are engaged on projects by open innovation to deliver better services to customers and generate new business opportunities, Mizuho Group has also been working on various collaborations with a wide rage of companies, such as last year’s Mizuho FinTech Forum.

The hackathon will be held on May 21 and 22, 2016 and they are looking forward to find exciting new ideas and applications using Pepper who have worked at Mizuho shops.

The official site of Mizuho. hack is here.

(Source: Mizuho Bank )

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