mizuho-bank-logoMizuho Bank and IBM Japan agreed to cooperate on new project utilizing IBM Watson technology which is a cognitive system that enables people and machines to interact more naturally to extend and magnify human expertise and cognition.

Specifically, the project aims to utilize a common robotics infrastructure developed by IBM Research-Tokyo to realize new services using robots. This will significantly develop know-how of utilization of IBM Watson’s technology which was introduced in Mizuho Bank’s contact center in February, 2015.

In general, existing commercial robots were developed for specific use thus there is a major challenge of low scalability and flexibility when handling new operations and connecting with multiple robots.

The new project will accelerate smooth communication between human and robot and enable collaboration with multiple robots by utilizing the common robotics infrastructure. And the robots connecting with IBM Watson through the infrastructure will be able to take advantages of cognitive applications such as vocal recognition, image recognition, natural language analysis and emotional recognition.

Mizuho Bank will deploy humanoid robot “Pepper”, which is provided by Softbank Robotics connecting with IBM’s common robotics infrastructure, at the bank’s branches to give appropriate information about lottery to the customers from May, 2016.

(Source: Mizuho Bank )

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