Monex, Inc. became the first Japanese securities firm to run a new type of campaign which will present bitcoin. For this campaign, Monex, Inc. cooperates with a Japan-based bitcoin marketplace and settlement service provider, bitFlyer. The operator launched a new service called “adFlyer” which allows users to deliver bitcoin along with the campaign.

This unique campaign has just started today July 17 and will be end on August 21. Regardless of holding an account at Monex, Inc., everyone can apply to this campaign.

Monex, Inc. will give 10,000JPY worth of bitcon to 50 winners who guess right on quizzes and selected in a drawing. Through this campaign, the firm expects more traders to know about the in-house developed “MONEX LAB TOOLS” which includes investment advisory tool called “MONEX VISION β.

(Source: PR TIMES)