Monex Group announced its Financial Results for 3Q of Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2016. The Group operates its business in 3 segments; Japan ( Monex Inc. ), U.S. ( TradeStation ) and China ( Monex Boom Securities ).

As of December 31, 2015, customers’ asset was 3,706,957 million JPY with 1,619,012 accounts in Japan segment, TradeStation and Monex Boom Securities had 443,750 million JPY and 130,879 million JPY respectively.

For OTC Forex transaction for the third quarter, Trading Value in Japan marked 7,300.3 billion JPY (-32% QoQ) and the trading revenue excluding swap was 885 million JPY (-32% QoQ) while the trading value and trading revenue in U.S. were 21.1 billion USD (-39% QoQ) and 2,145 thousand USD (-24% QoQ).

Total operating revenue after deducting financial expenses and cost of sales in Japan for the third quarter was 7,495 million JPY, decreasing by 13.2% from the previous quarter due to decreased stock and FX trading volumes. The total revenue in US was 4,565 million JPY with a drop of 10% QoQ due to decreased trading volumes associated with lower volatility decreasing. China business also saw decreased total operating revenue with -18.1%.

However, looking at 9 months result (April to December 2015), the total operating revenues were up both in Japan and US compared to the previous year. Japanese investors more actively traded stock and FX trading volume in Japan and Higher volatility and enhanced net financial income bolstered the revenue in U.S.

Monex also explained its middle and long term strategy in the announcement. For Japan segment, in addition to existing solid customer base of investors, the group aims to acquire “traders” and commission share by introducing Japanese version of “TradeStation”.

(Source: Monex Group )

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