moneyforward_logoA Japanese FinTech venture, MoneyForward will hold “MoneyForward Money EXPO 2015” on November 22, 2015 at Shinagawa Inter City Hall. As MoneyForward develops and provides platforms, apps, and websites all about “money” for both individual and institutional users and the number of users are rapidly growing, the company organizes this big event to give attendees opportunities to not only obtain various and worthy information but also relieve concerns and worries about money.

Recent years, a variety of online services about money have emerged so people can get information in easier and more effective ways. However according to the company’s research, the result shows more than 80% of its users have concerns about the future of their money, and the main reason for not having a child is raising and educating kids require a lot of money. MoneyForward sees expanding the information services can not relieve their concerns.

This event offers opportunities that attendees can enjoy and learn fully about money as leading companies in various fields, including saving, stock investment, investment trust, real-estate investment, insurance and housing loan, will have their booths and seminars. Additionally, speeches will be delivered by prominent people such as Mr. Heizo Takenaka, a Japanese economist and retired politician.

(Source: MoneyForward)

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