moneyforward_logoJapanese FinTech firm, Money Forward announced that the number of users of the firm’s flagship tool “Money Forward” exceeded 3.5 million this month. The Money Forward is a platform for automated online personal accounting and asset management. In addition, according to a research about personal accounting apps conducted by MACROMILL, the product received the highest evaluation marks on 3 items: housekeeping book app which users can continue to use, and get an improvement of their housekeeping, and frequency of use.

Since the launch in 2012, the company has expanded the functions and improved the service based on user’s feedbacks. Currently, the platform is able to automatically obtain and record information of account activities and account balance from 2,580 financial institutions such as banks, securities companies and credit cards.

A questionnaire survey carried out by Money Forward shows 90.7% of users and 97.2% of dues-paying members are satisfied with the platform as the feature of automated data acquisition attracts them.

(Source: Money Forward )

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