A Japanese regional bank, Chiba Bank and a developer of a full range of IT-related services, SCSK announced that both companies were awarded the Prime Minister Prize at the Advanced Corporation Awards for the Promotion of Women on December 21, 2015.

The Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office established the award with an aim of promoting improvements in the working environment in Japan so that women can play an active role in achieving "a society in which women shine." The award has 2 prizes; the Prime Minister Prize followed by the Minister of State of Special Missions Prize.

The award selected Chiba Bank and SCSK as companies which have demonstrated quite significant achievements in the policy to employ women in corporate officer/management positions, initiatives, achievement, and disclosure of such information in order to promote the establishment of working environments in which women can take active roles.

Chiba Bank was highly evaluated for its steady effort to employ women and its leadership at a group to accelerate women’s career consisting of 64 regional banks’ presidents.

Regarding SCSK, women working at the company hold 6.7% (53 women) of manager-level positions, increased from 1.8% (12 women) in 2011. The company had no female executive in 2013, but it had 1 female executive in 2014, and now increases to 2 executives. In addition to this achievement, the company’s detailed plan for employing women in officer/management positions was also appreciated.

(Source: Chiba Bank, SCSK)

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