mizuho-bank-logoOne of the Japanese mega banks, Mizuho Bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for business cooperation with the Chilean Foreign Investment Committee (El Comité de Inversiones Extranjeras) in relations to providing support for the expansion of Japanese companies on December 21, 2015.

Based on this memorandum, Mizuho and the Committee will co-host seminar by utilizing a wealth of information the Committee has and enhance support system for those customers who are seeking to expand their business into Chile or considering partnership with Chilean companies.

Chile is one of the countries in the South America, where consecutive economical growth is expected, by its rich natural resources and ease of doing business environment. Chile is the only OECD member country in South America with GDP per capita of over 15,000 USD, holding the highest sovereign ratings among South American countries (Aa3/AA-).

The Chilean Foreign Investment Committee is a key entity of the government dealing with introduction of foreign companies into Chile and promotion of investment. It provides general information about Chile’s economy and social environment, legal framework and policies of foreign investment.

Mizuho Bank entered into Chili in 2014 by opening Santiago Representative Office in September, and signing MoU with Banco Santander Chile, the largest commercial bank in Chile, for broad commercial banking activities in November of the year. Through the latest MoU between the bank and the Chilean Foreign Investment Committee, the bank believes that it will be able to contribute to support Mizuho customers’ various needs such as considering expanding into Chile and strengthening their existing business and the development of Chilean economy.

(Source: Mizuho Bank)

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