A provider of blockchain technology “mijin” and an operator of a bitcoin exchange “Zaif”, Tech Bureau held an event collaborating with TV program on October 21, 2016. The event allowed the TV program’s viewers to sent cryptocurrency (token) to a specific address and share their applause on the blockchain in real-time.

The event utilized “Zaif Vote”, a voting system powered by blockchain, which enables conducting transparent voting campaign by sending cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to a dedicated address.

For this event, Zaica (TechBureau’s service for issuing cryptocurrencies/token on blockchain) issued a dedicated token for applause and the applause that is sent by viewers was played in real-time utilizing ZaifVote.

Currently, there are actually latencies of a few seconds when token is sent and Zaif Vote aggregate to reflect the data. TechBureau plans to reduce the latencies by improving monitoring technology of bitcoin node.

The event used a protocol named Counterparty, all of the time of applause, the number of applause are almost permanently recorded on bitcoin blockchain and aggregated on real-time basis.

(Source: TechBureau )

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