One of Japanese bitcoin exchanges, Zaif Exchange operated by TechBureau announced that the exchange has just started to offer new function which allows users to send cryptocurrency using only twitter’s username.

Generally, you need your counterpart’s bitcoin address to send bitcoin. However Zaif users can send bitcoin to any twitter users with the new function. Bitcoin recipients now don’t need to obtain bitcoin address so that senders are able to easily and intuitively send bitcoin.

CEO of TechBureau, Mr. Asayama commented that this new service enables users to send cryptocurrencies like bitcoin which has very small unit after the decimal point, so they can give the “money” with the similar action to “Like” button of SNS. He aims to create new social tipping culture where prople voluntarily send their cryptocurrencies to others who tweet interesting things, need help, or whom you support etc.
Zaif Exchange has proved the demand for social tipping of cryptocurrencies as the exchange saw over 15,000 transactions for 45 hours after the launch of social tipping function within chat service on the exchange on August, 2016. Currently the function supports Twitter, but they plan to support other SNS such as facebook, instagram and LINE and to expand the coverage of cryptocurrencies.

(Source: TechBureau )

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