According to monthly trading volume in July reported by Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX), most of TFX products showed downtrend in their trading volume. The Combined trading volume for all TFX products was 3,941,176, decreased by 27% from June when Brexit shook the market. Its average daily trading volume was 188,075.

Click365 (Exchange Margin Forex contracts) including Click365 Large

  • Total amount of deposit at the end of month: 419 billion JPY (-1.18% MoM)
  • Number of accounts at the end of the month: 744,319 (+0.7% MoM)
  • Total trading volume: 3,402,708 contracts (-27.6% MoM, -3.1% YoY)
  • Average daily trading volume: 162,034 contracts
  • Total open interest at the end of the month: 1,333,961 contracts (-0.077% MoM)
  • Average daily trading volume of Click 365 Large (5 currency pairs) which is listed on November 30: 684 contracts (-25.9% MoM)
  • All major currency pairs experienced decrease from the previous month. The most traded pair, USD/JPY had 1,141,886 contracts for the month, decreased by 16.8% with the daily average volume of 54,376. The trading volume of the pair accounted for 33.6% of the total click 365 trading volume.

Click Kabu 365 (Exchange Equity Index Margin contracts)

  • Total amount of deposit at the end of the month: 41.1 billion JPY (+2.5% MoM)
  • Total number of accounts at the end of the month: 55,739 (+1.55% MoM)
  • Total monthly trading volume: 370,652 contracts consisting of Nikkei 225 Margin contract: 286,478, DJIA Margin contracts: 70,250, DAX® Margin contracts: 6,768, FTSE 100 Margin contracts: 7,156. (-23.8% MoM, -46.9% YoY)
  • Daily average trading volume: 17,650 contacts
  • Total open interest at the end of the month: 187,657 contracts
  • DJIA Margin contracts (listed on June 27): 70,250 contracts with its daily averaged volume of 3,345 contracts) It accounted for 19% of the total click kabu 365 trading volume.

Three-month Euroyen futures

The trading volume of Three-month Euroyen futures in July was 167,816, decreased by 19.0% from the previous month but grew by 52.5% from the last year, and its average daily volume was 8,391.

(Source: Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) )

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