Yamaguchi Financial Group, based in Yamaguchi Prefecture (western Japan), announced that the group decided to hire humanoid robots, “Pepper” developed by Softbank Group’s Aldeberan. The type of Pepper the group will hire is “Pepper Biz” and 20 Peppers will be assigned to branches of any of the group banks : Yamaguchi Bank, Momiji Bank, or Kitakyushu Bank.

The 20 Peppers will join the group next month and take a training course. After completing the course, they will start their jobs such as greeting customers, explaining campaigns and services/products and playing with kids. The group says the Peppers have a chance to go on business trips.

Recently more and more Japanese financial institutions introduce Humanoid robots as Pepper already started to work at SMBC NIKKO SECURITIES from August and Higo Bank and Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank also hire “Palro” and “Nao” respectively.

(Source: Yamaguchi Financial Group)

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