FISCO, a provider of investment support service covering Equity, Forex, Bond and Commodity markets, started to distribute FISCOCOIN (unit: FSCC) which is one of token utilizing blockchain to shareholders, as the company disclosed it on October 17, 2016.

FISCO is the first listed company that issued its proprietary cryptocurrency. The FISCOCOIN is now tradable at Zaif Exchange operated by TechBureau which has formed a Capital and business alliance with FISCO.

FISCOCOIN is a kind of token utilizing distributed financial platform “CounterParty (CP) ” on bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, FISCOCOIN can be directly sent and received from account of FISCO Crypticurrency Exchange, as well as CP support wallets such as CounterPartyWallet and IndieSquare.

The company believes that introducing FISCOCOIN at Zaif exchange will boost liquidity of FISCOCOIN.

(Source: FISCO )

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