coincheck-logoJapanese bitcoin exchange operator, coincheck announced the major update for its iOS app to version 1.0.11. The latest update includes the addition of bitcoin real-time chart, two-step authentication, and push notification and supporting English.

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Bitcoin Real-Time Chart

The real-time chart has been available with Android app, but with this update, iOS app users are able to see the chart with various time frames including hour, week, month, and year.

Two-step authentication

The app introduced two-step authentication for better security by utilizing Google’s authentication system. Users who set this function are required to re-login after logging out of the app.

Push Notification

This function helps users recognize spikes in bitcoin price so that they can handle the volatilities in conjunction with the chart.

Available in English

By supporting English, English speakers can user this app in English without any setting as the app automatically switch language in accordance with user’s language of smartphone.

(Source: coincheck)

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