Kabu.com Securities announced that the company proved the benefit of a trading support system the company developed utilizing Hitachi AI Technology/H, for its stock lending business for institutional investors. This project aimed to realize business expansion and labor-saving at the same time for the stock lending business.

So far, the lending rate was calculated by the stock lending staff using their experiences and various market information. Thus, there were cases which required for several tens of minutes to calculate the rate of each stock.

The new system can automatically and instantly generate the lending rate which is approximated to the one which is calculated by skilled lending traders, by utilizing Hitachi AI Technology/H to analyze a vast amount of data including indicators and historical trading data.

However, it still needs the skilled traders’ decisions for following trend change and drastic adjustment of rate. Those decisions will be stored to the system to improve the accuracy of the system. Therefore, the company is not required to increase the traders for the business expansion.

(Source: kabu.com Securities )

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