FISCO and FISCO Cryptocurrency Exchange announced that they launched their first derivative system trade for mainly bitcoin. The derivative system was developed by FISCO Group’s SJI.

FISCO Cryptocurrency Exchange started to provide its basic function which match seller and buyer of cryptocurrency in August 2016. Unlike traditional exchanges, FISCO Cryptocurrency Exchange aims to expand B2B services.

FISCO considers when various financial needs such as payment, settlement and financing utilize cryptocurrency to be realized, they will face the challenge of high volatility of the cryptocurrency. As the FISCO Cryptocurrency exchange aims to generate liquidity of the market where companies could safely utilize cryptocurrency as a financial way by hedging the above issue with derivative, the new derivative system covers multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, checks their prices and automatically gets profit from the price differences. This means the system enables arbitrage for monetization.

FISCO has already leased the derivative system for 2 institutions. FISCO is taking into account providing the system to individual investors and continues to expand functions of the system.

(Source: FISCO )

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