GMO Click Securities’ parent company, GMO CLICK Holdings announced today that the board of directors meeting has decided that the establishment of its subsidiary in Kingdom of Thailand. Once the investment is done, the new subsidiary will be classified as a specified subsidiary because the capital (1 million THB=0.3 billion JPY) of the new subsidiary will be equivalent to more than ten-hundredth of GMO CLICK Holdings' capital.

The Group has operated online financial business for mainly individual customers and accelerated overseas expansion to promote its sustainable growth. Currently the Group has 3 overseas subsidiaries which are Forex HK Limited, Bullion HK Limited and Trade UK Limited. The Bullion HK Limited and Trade UK Limited offer popular MT4 platform to their traders.

As part of the global expansion project, the Group has decided to set up their new location in Thailand, where has the leading securities market in ASEAN in terms of trading value.

The new company will be named “GMO-Z com Trade (Thailand) Limited.” and be launched on December 2016.

(Source: GMO CLICK Holdings )

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