Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) disclosed trading volume overview in September. The Combined trading volume for all TFX products was 3,823,708, increased by 28.8% from August, but decreased by 15.8% from the same month last year. Its average daily trading volume was 174,987.

Click365 (Exchange Margin Forex contracts) including Click365 Large

  • Total amount of deposit at the end of month: 424.7 billion JPY (+0.6% MoM)
  • Number of accounts at the end of the month: 756,010 (+0.83% MoM)
  • Total trading volume: 3,208,866 contracts (+28.3% MoM, -9.9% YoY)
  • Average daily trading volume: 145,858 contracts
  • The most traded pair, USD/JPY had 1,146,275 contracts for the month, grew by 30.7% with the daily average volume of 52,103. USD/JPY accounted for 35.7% (previous month: 35.1%) of the total click 365 trading volume.
  • CAD/JPY had the biggest MoM growth of 169.1%, but its trading volume was 40,872 contracts and the 10th most traded currency pair.
  • The trading volume of EUR/JPY, NZD/JPY and GBP/USD increased by over 50%, compared with the previous month.
  • Only EUR/USD showed a decrease of its trading volume with -35.6% MoM.

Click Kabu 365 (Exchange Equity Index Margin contracts)

  • Total amount of deposit at the end of the month: 42.6 billion JPY (+2.77% MoM)
  • Total number of accounts at the end of the month: 57,679 (+1.87% MoM)
  • Total monthly trading volume: 354,847 contracts (+34.6% MoM, -54.5% YoY) consisting of Nikkei 225 Margin contract: 249,201, DJIA Margin contracts: 93,398, DAX® Margin contracts: 7,626, FTSE 100 Margin contracts: 4,622.
  • Daily average trading volume: 16,129 contacts
  • DJIA Margin contracts (listed on June 27): 93,398 contracts with its daily averaged volume of 4,245 contracts. It increased by 72.9% month-over-month. It accounted for 26.3% of the total click kabu 365 trading volume.

Three-month Euroyen futures

The trading volume of Three-month Euroyen futures during the month was 259,995, increased by 27.3% from the previous month and 30.3% from the last year, and its average daily volume was 13,000.

(Source: Tokyo Financial Exchange )

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