Monex Group published the monthly business metrics of its subsidiaries ( Monex, Inc. and Trade Station Group ) in June 2016. As market volatility was boosted by the Brexit vote at the end of last month, many of the industry participants have reported the increase of trading volume in June.


Global DARTs (Daily Average Revenue Trades) for the month was 293,426 as Monex Inc marked 185,166 and TradeStation marked 109,117 for their DARTs. All figures increased by 6.9%, 9.8% and 2.5% Month-over-Month respectively.

Monex Inc OTC FX average daily trading value

For Monex Inc, the daily average trading value for OTC Forex reached 149,991 million JPY, grew by 5% from the previous month but decreased by 22% from last year. The total number of accounts was 1,649,847 (active accounts: 1,002,251) including 227,043 (active accounts: 64,300) OTC Forex accounts at the end of June.

Monex Inc Stock monthly trading value

The monthly trade value for Stock Brokerage at Monex Inc was 1163.1 billion JPY, increased by 17.1% MoM but still well below from the same month last year (-33.8%). The margin balance at the end of the month was 144.2 billion JPY, decreased by 17 billion JPY from May.

TradeStation Group

The number of active accounts at TradeStation Group was 62,185 with 3,852 million USD of total client assets, increased by 253 accounts and 52 million USD from the last month. The average equities clients credit balance was 1,408 million USD, 35 million USD higher from May.

(Source: Monex )

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