Monex Group published the monthly business metrics of its subsidiaries ( Monex, Inc. and Trade Station Group ) in July 2016. Several days ago, monex also released the financial results for the 1st quarter (April-June 2016) of FY ending March 31,2017. The company reports that revenue decreased but the group maintained profitability despite lower trading volume.


Monex Inc and TradeStation saw the decline of their DARTs with -3.5% and -10.8% respectively from the previous month. Therefore, Global DARTs for July decreased by 6.25% to 275,082. The figure also declined by 11.2% from the last year.

Monex Inc OTC FX daily average trading volume

Total number of accounts and active accounts at Monex Inc were 1,655,294 and 1,004,968 as of July 31. For OTC FX accounts, the total number was 228,124 and active accounts totaled 64,657. Daily averaged trading value was 135,405 million JPY, decreased by 9.7% MoM, and 13.2% YoY.

Monex Inc Stock monthly trading value

The monthly stock trade value was 1212.6 billion JPY with total margin balance of 147.3 billion JPY. The monthly trading value slightly grew by 4.21% from the previous month but still well below from the same month last year (-32.4%). The average number of trades per business day was 109,063.

TradeStation Group

The number of active accouts at TradeStation was 62,018 with the total client assets of 3,949 million USD which increased by 2.5% from June. The average equities margin clients debit balance was 1,433 million USD, increased from 1,408 million USD the last month, while the average equitirs margin clients debit balance decreased to 66 million USD from 72 million USD last month.

(Source: Monex Group )

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