moneyforward_logoA Japanese FinTech company providing cloud-based money management platforms, Money Forward announced that the company will hold a big event “お金のEXPO 2016 (Money EXPO 2016)” on November 23, 2016 at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in Tokyo.

The event has a special lineup of industry leaders and experts and exhibition booths of leading companies in the financial sector.

These years, FinTech services has been growing and given diverse options and information to users. However, they are required to get accurate information and have quick decision making in the situation that there are various events and news that cause a significant impact on the market.

Money Forward finds a situation where there is not much opportunity to exhaustively learn about money in Japan and decided to hold the event. Last year, this event gathered 1,388 attendees, and the company expects that people could gain knowledge and reduce their concerns about money through this year’s event too.

The company invites special speakers sharing their insights at the event; Kenichi Oomae (CEO of Business Breakthrough), Takafumi Horie (a.k.a. Horiemon) (Founder of SNS media & consulting), Satoshi Nojiri (director of Fidelity retirement & investment education Laboratory).

The more details of the event will be updated on the special website.

(Source: Money Forward )

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