The Commodity Futures Association of Japan reported OTC commodity CFD trading volume in May, 2016. The figures are based on data provided by the members.

The total number of funded accounts at of the end of May was 5,887 with the ending customers margin balance of 4,964 million JPY, increased by 4.0% and increased by 0.24% respectively from the previous month. The total number of contracts was 12,757,709 contracts and the total trading amount was 515,359 million JPY, decreased by 19.5% and 0.13% respectively.

As you can see the below graph, the most popular product, energy trading amount decreased by 11.2% to 369,453 million JPY. Energy trading marks the 5th consecutive month of decline. The total trading volume of precious metal for the month was 108,889 million JPY, increased by 17.11% from tht previous month. The biggest increase was seen at Agricultural Products with 431.15% month-over-month. The total trading volume of the product dramatically grew to 37,016 million JPY.

(Source: The Commodity Futures Association of Japan )

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