Japan’s first blockchain association established in April, 2016, Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC) announced that the number of BCCC member companies totaled 61 as of June 29, 2016. BCCC will hold the first general meeting and commence full-scale operation.

BCCC was set up by 34 companies, which have engaged in research and development blockchain technology. BCCC aims to diffuse blockchain technology in Japan, promote research development, accelerate related investment, and collaborate with overseas blockchain bodies, let by Mr. Yoichiro Hirano, CEO of Infoteria serving as a director.

At initial plan, BCCC planned to have 50 participant companies by the end of June, and 100 participant companies by December, 2016. However, the number of participants has increased at an unexpectedly rapid pace. The association will hold education programs, seminars, and proving tests about blockhcain and deliver methods for practical utilization of blockchain.

(Source: Blockchain Collaborative Consortium )

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