WealthNavi, a Japanese provider of a world-class asset management service powered by cutting-edge technologies, won the grand prize in “Rising Expo 2016” which was held on September 2, 2016.

The Rising EXPO organized by CyberAgent Ventures is the largest demo day for funding and networking in Asia. Sponsors from all over the world that support startups, including leading venture capital firms as well as major operating companies will get together for the event.

The 15 finalists were selected from Japan, USA, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Asset management Robo Advisor “WealthNavi” was granted the grand prize as well as Award from Amazon Web Services, Inc. and Award from Intelligence, Ltd.

Other winners include MONEY DESIGN Co., Ltd.( Award From A.G.S. Consulting Co., Ltd.), TCSI, Inc (Award From SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.), vinclu Inc.( Award From Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC), Oneteam Inc.( Award From Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.), and Global Rooms Ltd. (Award From CyberAgent Ventures, Inc.).

The Wealthnavi automatically creates and operates tailor-made asset management portfolio via internet, targeting mainly people in their 30s to 50s. The minimum investment amount is 1 million JPY and annual rate for commission is up to 1%.

(Source: WealthNavi via PRTIMES )

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