Monex Group published the monthly business metrics of its subsidiaries ( Monex, Inc. and Trade Station Group ) in August 2016.


Comparing to the previous month figure, the Global DARTs decreased by 15.9% to 231,108 as both Monex Inc and TradeStation experienced drop in their DARTs, -21.4% and -6.23% respectively. The DARTs of global, Monex Inc and TradeStation for August were down to the lowest level in the last twelve months.

Monex Inc OTC FX Average Daily Trading Value

Monex Group’s Japanese subsidiary, Monex Inc experienced considerable downturn in OTC Forex daily averaged trading value. The average daily trading value was 85,374 million JPY, declined by 36.9% from the previous month and by 51.26% from the same month last year while the number of active OTC FX active accounts slightly increased (+118) from July.

The number of active accounts in OTC FX accounts was 64,775, which accounted for 28% of total OTC FX accounts.

Monex Inc Stock Monthly Trading Value

The monthly trade value for stock brokerage was 955.3 billion JPY, down by 21% month-over-month, and by 49% year-over-year. The margin balance at the end of the month was 147.6 billion JPY.

The number of total accounts (including OTC FX accounts) at Monex Inc was 1,658,703, of which 1,006,878 were active accounts at the end of July.

Trade Station Group

The number of active accounts was 61,752, decreased by 0.42% from July.The total client assets was 3,914 million USD, slightly declined from 3,949 million USD in July. The average equities margin clients debit balance was 1,444 million USD, increased by 0.76% from the last month, while the average equitirs margin clients debit balance increased by 7.5% to 71 million month-over-month.

(Source: Monex )

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