IBM Japan has conducted the first connectivity verification test by providing IBM’s FinTech Common API to FinTech related firms. With this, Fintech firms could be able to easily develop services connecting with financial institutions.

While FinTech services have been expanding, to provide competitive FinTech services, responding to changes of banking systems, and enhancing applications’ value with security certainty are required. Moreover, open and versatile system environment with high productivity and capability of supporting standardization is important for FinTech companies to develop applications and provide services.

This time, IBM Japan conducted the connectivity verification test of FinTech Common API with 5 companies; OBIC BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, freee, Zaim, moneytree, and Money Forward. IBM Japan will plan to continue to cooperate with more FinTech firms and banks for further expansion of FinTech services.

(Source: IBM Japan )

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