Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC) announced on August 17 that the number of BCCC members grows to 80 companies including Japanese leading companies such as Daiwa Securities Group and Information Services International-Dentsu who have already utilized blockchain technology. The members can be found here.

The BCCC was established by 34 members on April 25, 2016 with an aim of diffusing blockchain technology in Japan, promoting research development, accelerating related investment, and collaborating with overseas blockchain bodies. While BCCC plans to grow the number to 100 companies by December 2016, it seems they could achieve the goal earlier.

BCCC also disclosed that they opened “Blockchain School” and stared the first term named “Block 1” on August 17. Block 2 will be started on September 13. The Blockchain School provides educational curriculum to engineers who utilize blockchain technology and personnel at financial companies who consider introducing blockchain. The school is operated under the cooperation of bitbank, a member company of BCCC.

(Source: Blockchain Collaborative Consortium )

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