Along with overview of binary option trading in Japan, the Financial Futures Association of Japan ( FFAJ ) also published monthly OTC Forex trading volume in August, 2016. According to the data reported by 53 OTC Forex margin trading operators, the monthly OTC forex trading volume totaled 313 trillion JPY, dropped by 30.99% from July and by 36.2% from same month last year.

We can see on-exchange Forex trading volume (Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)) as FFAJ put the figures (FFAJ converted the total number of contracts into the volume on the settlement prices of the end of month) on the OTC report for reference. The data showed the trading volume for the month down to 2.5 trillion JPY, decreased by 25.92% from the previous month.

The open position at the end of the month totaled 4.60 trillion JPY (sell positions: 1.55 trillion JPY, buy positions: 3.05 trillion JPY), increased by 10.78% from the previous month.

The total amount of customers margin deposited at the OTC Forex operators, which is required amount for separate management, was 1.015 trillion JPY, increased by 3.8% from July.

When we look into the most traded 10 currency pairs, trading volume of USD/JPY boosted the share to 74.7% of the top 10s with its volume of 233 trillion JPY despite the decrease in trading volume of 11.8% comparing with the previous month. The reason for this is that the second to forth most traded currency pairs, GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, and EUR/JPY lose their momentum as their trading volume decreased by over 50% month-over-month.

OTC FX Trading Volume in June (billion JPY)

TOP10 Most Traded Currency Pairs

(Source: The Financial Futures Association of Japan )

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